Annual General Meeting Wrap-up

We just held our Annual General Meeting last night at our sponsor Brazen Head Irish Pub.  We covered a lot of great content.  From this meeting we gathered that the passion for the club is alive and well.  We plan to implement several outreach opportunities, have a solid recruiting and events committee in place that has been putting in steady work already, and have appointed a board whose agenda it is to set long and short term goals and deadlines that are accomplished as well as transparent to the GOATS membership.

Download the minutes here

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Omaha GOATS Annual General Meeting

Omaha GOATS Annual General Meeting

Where: Brazen Head Irish Pub

When: Wednesday, August 8th, 2018 at 6:30 pm

Any old boys and current dues paying members are allowed to participate in the annual general meeting.  We'll discuss and vote on board positions, appoint committee positions, the upcoming 40th anniversary season and events, and look at the overall vision of the club.